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Megafon to introduce 3D mobile phones


Telecom operator Megafon intends to develop a mobile phone that can record and accept 3D images, RBC Daily reports.

The company has reportedly already developed software for such devices and is negotiating the project with producers.

Experts believe that the market for such devices has yet to be formed.

Denis Nochevnov, the director on new technologies and services in Megafon, told RBC Daily that his company was developing software for making 3D calls via Internet, as well as via mobile devices. “Modern networks allow to transfer images in volume format. Currently our company is developing special software for 3D-calls and has started negotiations with several OEM-producers about design and production of 3D-telephones,” he said.

A source close to the operator noticed that the company was negotiating with LG, as it is the inly company in the world to have produced telephones with 3D-display and video camera. “Megafon is thinking of making a test batch of 100,000 phones supporting 3D-displays”, the source told RBC Daily.

Eldar Murtazin, the leading analyst of the Mobile Research Group, saw prototypes of devices capable of making 3D calls and displaying the callers’ faces in the same format on the phone display a few years ago. “However the technology development did not go further than design stage. Most likely, for the operator this will become an interesting additional service, which won’t be in a mass demand. At least, there is no market for this technology as yet,” Mr. Murtazin said.

Megafon is a Russian telecommunication company providing services of mobile and fixed communication to individuals and organizations. In April 2010 Megafon was named the mobile operator number two, after MTS, on the amount of recipients. As of April 2011, the number of the operator services users has reached 57.127 million people. Megafon operates in all 83 regions of the Russian Federation, as well as Tajikistan, Abkhazia and Southern Ossetia.


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